Today is a big day :

uploading my first website made by Rachel, an awesome girl, attentive and full of energy. If you ever want to have your own website while saving some time just ask her : “Demande à elle” as we say here (I live on a little French rock lost in the middle of the Pacific ocean called New-Caledonia).

She’s done with her part, so now it’s my turn!

For my first article, I was hesitating between :




1. Telling you about my life.. not sure if it’s interesting to know that the good and docile little girl I was, became a shy and slender teenager, turned into a responsible and childish young adult (up until 40, if not more), and finally be the soon-to-be old woman that I am, with her head still full of dreams and questions…


2. Describing my journey… First a teacher serving the State of Education Office, to which I eventually said (on a day of great bravery or unconsciousness) bye bye, after 20 years of “loyal services”, all so that I could become a full time artist between painting and theater play… This story is bit out of date but if you have any questions…

3.  Talking about my work as an artist…

Like, describing myself as a multidisciplinary and self-taught artist. Like, enumerating my exhibitions. Like  talking about the synopsis of my plays. Like, laying out my style, my technique, my inspirations. Honestly not sure if I should go into the details, but I’m at your disposal if you want to know more…

Overblown !

Useless !

Offputting !

Anecdotic !


4. My thoughts and feelings…  but is it appealing to anyone ? Between restlessness and serenity, enthusiasm and discouragement, joy and melancholy, hopes and spites, brusqueness and voluptuousness… boring!… but if you insist I could maybe…      

 Oh my God

those hesitations take so much time, I must decide!

My first article: A few words, cock-and-bull, and a few pictures attesting the mess living in my fanciful mind.

Thank you
reader for reaching the end of this. A comment, a question…  I encourage you to spontaneously reply to this first few words in all simplicity…


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